InSync Analytics ®

Fundamental Analysis.

Generating Alpha.

InSync Analytic's best-in-class consensus and bespoke analytical products help investment managers generate alpha.

InSync Consensus

InSync Consensus estimates are detailed and high quality, helping clients track forecasted earnings and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a granular segment/product level.

InSync Bespoke

InSync Analytics provides high-end custom financial modeling, data mining, and bespoke analytical services to traditional, short-term, and alternative asset managers.


InSync Analytics, founded in 2006 by Wall Street investment bankers, is a consensus and bespoke analytics provider. We are headquartered in New York, with operations in Mumbai, India. InSync Analytics offers an array of high quality, financial modeling products and services across various sectors and asset classes. We differentiate ourselves with our niche focus, highest standard of client service and customized solutions.

Empowering Clients by working “InSync”

Empowering Clients by working “InSync”

We view client relationships as partnerships. We understand client needs for quality, and work closely with them to provide the most cost-and time-effective solutions. Our work ranges from InSync Consensus estimates to more creative, financial bespoke projects. We work closely with clients to adopt their methodologies and templates to provide an optimal “InSync” service.

InSync Analytics helps clients deepen their fundamental analysis and maximize their output at minimum cost. The key to our analytical products is quality, timeliness, and flexibility.