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Who We Are

InSync Analytics, founded in 2006 by Wall Street investment bankers, is a leading consensus and bespoke analytics provider. We are headquartered in New York with operations in Mumbai. Our global service portfolio caters to investment banks, asset managers and corporates. We differentiate ourselves with our niche focus, highest standard of client service and customized solutions.

Our staff includes professionals from the banking, research and corporate sectors, with degrees in accounting and engineering, CPAs and MBAs. All employees undergo a rigorous in-house training program in sector/company research methodologies, modelling techniques, valuation metrics and compliance requirements. Our analysts always work in teams, allowing the maximum opportunity for the cross-checking of work, continuity of service for clients, and skill development through internal training. We offer clients a customized team structure, depending upon their requirements, and we provide appropriate training for each project.

The InSync Team


Pinkey Jain

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Gunbir Sethi Gauba

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Dhriti Wadhwani

Managing Director, Head of India Operations

Senior Management

Abhijeet Akash

SVP, Head of Business Development

Pranesh Khale

VP, Head of Compliance

Ramesh Prajapati

SVP, Head of Consensus Team Operations

Neha Sambary Chavan

SVP, Head of Training, Quality & Operations

Nilesh Shimpi

SVP, Head of Technology & IT Operations

Netra Shelar

SVP, Head of Performance Management

Jeevraj Rai

Head of Bespoke Projects Team

Roni Desai

Co-Head of Bespoke Projects Operations

Kiran Kadam

Co-Head of Bespoke Projects Operations


InSync provides an exciting platform to develop strong analytical and financial skills. We encourage professionals from diverse backgrounds to explore opportunities to join our team in Mumbai, India and help us deliver exceptional value to our clients.

If you share our vision for growth and would like to learn more about career opportunities, we would love to hear from you. Please send a brief introductory letter and resume to