InSync Consensus

In-Depth View of Corporate Earnings and KPI Forecasts

The InSync Consensus Advantage

InSync Consensus is synonymous with quality and reliability. InSync Analytics generates Alpha for investment managers via our best-in-class consensus products.

Market-Leading Consensus Estimates

Synonymous with quality and reliability, used by major hedge funds and traditional asset managers.

Apples-to-Apples Comp

Comparable line items based on various adjustments, accounting treatments. Noise in #s explained by highlighting outliers and stale estimates.

Dynamic Template & User Interface

Reflects a company's changing business model (acquisitions, divestments, new businesses/products). API and Excel plug-in capabilities.

Detailed Financial & Operating Metrics

Highly granular, industry-specific product/segment estimates most looked at by PM’s and Analysts. Average of 250+ line items.

Estimates Accuracy

Best-in-class sell-side analyst estimates aggregation, subject to rigorous quality control and checks.

Detailed Historical & Guidance Trends

Treasure trove of detailed, accurate historical data for financial metrics and KPIs not available anywhere else.

Comprehensive Model Library

Active coverage of 3,000+ global securities, sourced from over 15,000 sell-side analysts

Access to Estimates Based on Entitlements

Agreements in place with major Research Providers to protect IP and provide access only to approved clients.

InSync Consensus estimates, are now available via an innovative web-based platform. To learn more or sign up.