InSync Bespoke Projects

Customized Financial Modeling and Data Solutions

High-End Custom Modeling

InSync Analytics provides an array of high quality, bespoke financial modeling and analytical products/services across various sectors and asset classes. Work ranges from plain vanilla to more creative, financial analytical solutions for our clients. We work closely with clients to adopt their methodologies and templates to provide optimal customized bespoke work.

Interactive Models

Plug-n-play company models with detailed historicals, KPIs, guidance from company filings, with formulas for revenue drivers and expense forecasts. Customizable to client formats.

Bespoke Projects

Data driven assignments based on client requirements. Requested bespoke projects include: IPO Models, Merger Models, Guidance Tracking, MD&A Analysis, Internet Traffic Analysis, Debt Schedule, Trading, Operating, and Valuation Comps.

Achieve More with Less

InSync Analytics' mission is to help clients maximize their output at minimum cost, with best-in-class service. Clients pay only for the bespoke products/services they need. Each bespoke project is analyzed based on resource and time commitments, so as to provide clients with a transparent and fixed price before any contract is agreed.

Our contracts are flexible and can cover client requirements ranging from outsourcing a single one-off project to the hire of an outsourced dedicated team for an agreed period. Our pool of trained analysts and researchers is available to work on any size of project, and depending on the complexity of the work, often at short notice. We provide clients with the extra resources and flexibility to cope with deadlines, seasonal peaks, or temporary skill shortages.

Client Comes First

As investment professionals we understand the importance of a superior quality, reliable, and flexible service. We also understand that a high level of personal contact and accountability is essential if we are to be entrusted with work that is time sensitive and geared to making profit/gains. To ensure this, a senior executive takes full responsibility for each client and is always the primary point of contact.

Highly skilled financial analytical and custom research capabilities

Dedicated analyst/team for long-duration projects

Variable resources to be used as and when needed

Flexible engagement terms to give maximum control over costs and resource use

Engagement Model

All analytical and research work is done by our team in India, enabling us to keep overall project costs low. In addition, in recognition of the differing needs of clients, we offer a range of engagement terms.

InSync Analytics’ engagement options vary from a time-based consultancy, which may be most suitable for one-off projects, to a fully retained team who effectively become part of the client's full-time workforce for the contract period. We also offer dedicated teams who work for and with a specific client but only on an as-and-when needed basis.

To learn more about our bespoke modeling and analytics engagement options or to sign up: